Expert Storyteller’s Speaking Tips

An Overview of Oral Storytelling as an Art and a Craft.

A show called ‘The X Factor is currently airing on television, in which a panel of judges decides who among the contestants vying for selection will achieve stardom. It is stated here that only a select few of the hundreds of people who apply will possess the ‘X Factor,’ and that only the best of these will win the grand prize. This holds true for storytelling as well. That is most emphatically true of the Master Storyteller. The ‘Finals’ of The X Factor are invariably reserved for those who have logged thousands of practice hours. They’ve most likely spent years practicing. They work tirelessly. In Storytelling with data eBook, it is unavoidable that those who have invested thousands of hours in their craft become exceptional. There is no such thing as a natural-born master storyteller. He or she is constructed – constructed independently.

What types of people typically develop into effective storytellers?

Now I’m going to qualify what I’ve just said. Certain personality types are predisposed to becoming excellent storytellers. To begin, they have almost certainly lived somewhat interesting lives. That is, their interpretations of their own lives will be considered intriguing, even adventurous, by themselves. They will possess a dramatic sensibility. They will have a heightened capacity for emotion. They are likely to exhibit sensitivity as well as a capacity for empathy. Additionally, they will undoubtedly possess strong imaginations. This is not to say that those lacking these characteristics will be incapable of telling stories; indeed, they will be incapable of telling them well. However, the Master Storyteller has transcended the ability to simply tell stories well. He or she is able to imagine themselves living them.

How do we accomplish this?

Oral Storytelling as an Art and Craft – Nurturing the Passion

To begin, by fostering a passion for storytelling. This is an opportunity for us to seize. It must be nourished. There must be an intention present, and it must be powerful. This will provide us with the motivation we require to take the necessary steps toward mastery. The creative concepts, methodology, and techniques all stem from an overarching desire to communicate our feelings about the world to others through stories. This is our life’s passion. This is a quality that excellent writers possess. Likewise, effective oral storytellers do the same thing. When storytelling becomes a near-obsession, you are well on your way to becoming a Master Storyteller.

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